Powerful Event Software &
Dedicated Support for Event Organizers

Experience the difference with our robust attendee system and operation support, we assist you from pre-event to onsite attendee management.

We are guaranteeing smooth execution at every stage.

Powerful Event Software & Dedicated Support for Event Organizers

Experience the difference with our robust attendee system and operation support, we assist you from pre-event to onsite attendee management.

We are guaranteeing smooth execution at every stage.

Built by Dreamory


Dreamory isn’t your typical event tech company. With our background in event organizing, we understand the struggles you face.

Therefore, we know how important the right tools are for making your events a success. Our event tech services are designed just for you, to make things easier, engage your attendees, and make your events stand out.

Our goal is to be the partner you can rely on for event technology. Let us handle the technical stuff so you can focus on making your events unforgettable.

Finally, an Event Software that's Efficient and Powerful

Discover how each feature can transform your event planning experience

Build Event Registration Forms

Create Customized Registration Forms
With our intuitive drag-and-drop registration form builder, create personalized and branded registration forms that cater to your event’s specific needs.

Streamlined Attendee Data Upload
Easily import your existing attendee list into our system and send them personalized updates and invitations with just a few clicks.

Centralized Response Collection
Streamline your event planning process with all your attendee data in one place. Easily collect, manage, and analyze attendee information with our user-friendly platform.

Seamless Payment, Happy Registrants

Experience hassle-free transactions with our versatile payment gateway for your paid events.

Offering a range of flexible options – from e-wallets to credit/debit cards and online banking – we make it easy for your registrants to choose the method that suits them best.

Increase Your Attendees Attendance

Reach Attendees Their Ways
Blasting methods including email, WhatsApp, and SMS, allow you to cater to your attendees’ preferred channels for receiving event information.

Flexible Message Content
You can send event reminder messages or any other messages you wish to alert your attendees, keeping them engaged and informed throughout the event.

Customizable Email Banners
Customize email banners to include your branding, ensuring that your attendees are presented with a professional and cohesive message that reflects your event’s identity.

Lightning-Fast QR Check-In

Instant Scan & Go Check-In

Attendees receive their unique QR code, which can be quickly scanned at the event entrance, allowing for a seamless check-in process in just a few seconds.

Instant Name Badge Printing & Wristband 

Our system offers other options for attendee identification: instant name badge printing and personalized wristband with a QR code. With instant name badge printing, attendees can receive a badge upon check-in that they can wear on their lanyards. 

Self Service Kiosk

Our check-in kiosk is easily portable, requiring no bulky or space-consuming equipment setups,
reducing labour cost

Table Top Self Service
Check-in Kiosk

Table Top Self Service Check-in Kiosk
with Name Badge Printing

Floor Standing Self Service
Check-in Kiosk

Help Desk Mode

Our Help desk comes with well-trained crews who will operate everything for attendees, including
door gift redemption, directory information

Help Desk for Check-in

Help Desk for Check-in with iPad

Help Desk for Check-in with
Name Badge Printing

Petronas MPM ZIZA Tech Day

  • Name Badge Instant Print

  • Onsite registration crews support

Disney Showcase

  • Self Service Check-In Kiosk

  • Streamline event check-in with less waiting time

Watsons 700th Store Launch

  • Mobile Phone Check-In Mode

  • No app downloads necessary, web-based solution

Esri Supercharged

  • Name Badge Sticker Instant Print

  • Seamless check-in experience for attendee identification

Engaging & Personalized Attendees Experience

The personal attendee portal functions as an individualized space for guests post-check-in.
Within this portal, attendees can access event details and participate in various activities,
fostering a more engaging and enriching event experience. 

Seating Arrangement

Our seating arrangement enables attendees to easily locate their assigned tables.

Table numbers are clearly visible, and the designated table is highlighted, ensuring a seamless and efficient seating experience.

Interactive Exhibition Map

Lost among numerous booths? Simply choose the booth name, and the system will display its precise location for easy navigation.

Event Agenda

Effortlessly upload your event schedule onto the portal, enabling attendees to access and view it at their convenience.


Enables attendees to access and download event-related documents, including certificates, handbooks, research papers, and more, promoting a paperless and eco-friendly approach.


This feature allows attendees to effortlessly capture contact details during networking sessions.

No need for manual recording—simply scan the other person’s QR code, and their contact details will be automatically recorded.

Interactive Participation

With Slido integrated into the attendee portal, attendees can easily participate in Q&A and polling sessions with the organizer. 

Feedback Form

If you desire feedback from your attendees on your events, we can tailor a user-friendly feedback form for easy access.



We understand that event agencies are constantly looking to improve their event management and exceed client expectations.

You can count on us to fully support you with our comprehensive event technology system. From seamless event registration and attendance tracking to engaging interactive displays and digital lucky draws, we’ve got everything you need for successful events for your clients.


Trust & Credibility

We are a verified cloud computing and data centre company by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) reaffirms our capacity to deliver dependable, secure, and transparent cloud solutions through advanced technological expertise.

Our commitment to robust security is underlined by the certification from a reputable cybersecurity firm, reflecting our dedication to safeguarding valuable data and assets against potential cyber threats.

Born from Experience

Unlike traditional software houses, we were once event organizers just like you.

Over time, we realized the struggle of finding event software that truly matched our needs. Beyond being user-friendly, we saw the necessity for the software to embody the unique characteristics and personality of events. This realization drove us to create software that fully understands the event organizer’s perspective.

Seamless Event Support

Our team sets up and runs the software, so you don’t have to. From start to finish, we handle it all, letting you focus on what’s important. We’re here to make your event a success without any extra hassle.

With us, you’re not just getting a service, you’re getting a partner.

Embrace the Future

We are explorers. In a rapidly changing event industry, we continuously push the boundaries of innovation.

Prepare to be amazed by our ever-growing array of new features, each designed to make event management easier and more convenient for you. Stay ahead of the curve with our evolving software.


Blue Lobby is designed to facilitate the efficient and streamlined setup of events, with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features that will make your event planning process a breeze.

  • Annual / Gala / Award / Anniversary Dinners / Parties
  • Conferences / Symposiums / Summits / Conventions
  • Seminars
  • Tradeshows / Exhibitions 
  • Marketing Campaigns / Roadshows
  • Carnivals / Festivals
  • Launchings
  • Trainings / Team Buildings
  • Townhall 


We are your trusted partner for streamlined operations, engaged attendees, and successful events. Whether you’re planning dinner events, conferences, exhibitions, or roadshows, we have the event technology tools and expertise you need to make it a success.

Contact us today to schedule a free demo session and see our event technology services in action.

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